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Published on 22-09-2020

Hello, I have excellent news for you!

We have lowered the minimum payment to only 1 dollar for the first 10 members who reach this figure.

If you have already reached this amount, you can request your withdrawal to be able to process it in the days that are detailed in the membership you have.



Good News!
Published on 20-09-2020

Good News!

We have increased the value of earnings in clicks in MegaBux Ads, going from $ 0.0025 to $ 0.005, with which the earnings with your referrals will also increase!

We have also increased the number of ads to view.

All this so that you can generate more money with Megabux!



Database restoration and lost records
Published on 17-09-2020

We had a technical problem with our PTC, and we had to restore our database.

Unfortunately, the last users who joined will have to do it again, since they did not get to enter the process.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


Winners Admin gifts in advertising
Published on 15-09-2020
Winners 14 - 09 - 2020

Iksdaks: 200 PTC Credits

Sheverja: 1000 Featured ads

bigboss 6 PTSU Credits

gettin4: 3000 Banner ads

Banner ads

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